Meghan Trainor Releases Music Video For ‘No’

Oh Meghan Trainor I walk the fine line between being obsessed with you and not being able to stand you. When I first heard this song I hated it, I couldn’t stand it at all but a few plays later and I love it. I swear there are some brainwashing words under your lyrics, I am sure of it. This has happened with all of your songs, except ‘Dear Future Husband’ I am all set with that song.

‘No’ has such a 90’s feel to it and I am obsessed. The beat in the background is so good, I do wish there were more than like four lines of song, but I guess I can forgive Meghan because most of her songs are repetitive and I shouldn’t really expect much mroe than that out of her, although she is a crazy talented vocalist that doesn’t show just how talented she is.

Big fan, I feel like I really shouldn’t be a big fan but I am. I know deep down this music isn’t really great music but it is so catchy you have to sing along and dance to it.

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