Man Crush Monday: Henry Cavill

With all of this hype around the upcoming movie where Superman and Batman fight it out, I really had no choice but to make Henry the Man Crush Monday of the week. I mean he is an absolute babe, certified babe, and he is very relevant. It works, right?

Henry has been around for a while now, he was in the hit show Tudors and has played Superman for a few movies, I feel like he doesn’t get enough attention though. I will be honest, I have never seen him act but I assume he isn’t too bad if he keeps getting cast in movies and if he is playing one of the most adored superheroes of all time.

He is the type of guy who can pull off any look. He can have short hair, long hair, a shaved head, he can rock a beard, stubble, or completely free shaven. No matte what he looks good. His eyes are even two different colors! That is pretty awesome if you ask me.

God really broke the mold when he carved this man out of stone.

Happy Monday!

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