Henry Cavill Wears Superman Shirt Next To Billboard And Nobody Cares

Cheeky: Henry Cavill posted a hilarious video of him going completely unnoticed as he hung out in Times Square wearing a Superman T-shirt next to huge billboards of his upcoming blockbuster 

Yesterday Henry Cavill decided to see if anyone would notice him in Times Square if he was to wear a Superman shirt and stand right by the giant billboard located there. The funny thing about it? Nobody noticed him and nobody cared at all.

It looks like Clark Kent wearing his glasses could in fact change how Superman looks considering nobody noticed the fact Superman was right there, next to his Superman billboard. Hilarious stuff if you ask me.

I can’t believe that nobody even stopped to check him out and then realized who he was.Henry Cavill is a babe for sure.

To be fair I don’t think anyone in New York would notice any famous person. Everyone is always running from place to place and making eye contact would be something friendly people do, not New Yorkers.

Casual: The Man of Steel star took a close-up selfie next to one of the gigantic movie posters

Coffee to go? The British star even brazenly chilled in a coffee shop, going completely incognito 

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