Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Charged With 20 Felonies

Chumlee DJ Debut At Ghostbar Dayclub

That portion of the investigation, according to officers is ongoing, however, there were other violations uncovered. Enough to place Chumlee under arrest.

“During the course of that search warrant, numerous firearms were located, as were illegal narcotics, said Metro Officer Larry Hadfield

Altogether, police say Chumlee was charged with 20-felonies. Without offering any specifics authorities say Chumlee was not allowed to have firearms in his possession.

Early Thursday morning he was released from the Clark County detention center after posting 62-thousand-dollars bail. (credit)

Let me start off by saying one thing. Chumlee is so fucking gross. I mean he is a serious creature and a mouth breather, doesn’t get much worse than that. So I thought. Turns out this slob also had some meth at his house, the Vegas specialty drug along with some weapons. All of this happened because he was accused of sexual assault, so the cops went to his house to see what was going on and found all of that extra stuff.

So far History channel hasn’t made a statement but Rick Harrison said that they will support Chumlee anyway they can.

There are rumors that Chumlee will be taken off of the show due to these new charges. He wasn’t arrested on the sexual assault claims since that is an ongoing case but he will be due in court for the drug and weapon charges.

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