Zac Efron & A Kinkajou Walk Into A Bar

How much money would you pay to walk into a bar and see Zac Efron and a kinkajou? I am serious, if this was an event how much money would you pay? I would be down to pay a couple hundred, call me crazy but that seems like a really good investment to me.

TMZ posted this video and I am so excited about it, but I am also worried. If you remember Efron isn’t supposed to be drinking. Hey, no one said they saw him drinking though, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt, okay? I have faith in Zac.

I love that you can hear him saying he didn’t want his face in the video, just the kinkajou. Clearly he wasn’t thinking about all of the other people with camera phones but hey, it’s okay. Zac you are probably drinking non-alcohol O’Douls and living life, I got you.

In case you weren’t away he is currently in Florida filming the reboot of ‘Baywatch’ with Dwayne Johnson. Another thing I am very excited for.

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