Britney Spears Hangs Out With Aj McLean From The Backstreet Boys

Huge confession… biggest Backstreet Boys fan! Tonight was truly a dream for me.
 Well did you know that Britney was one of the biggest Backstreet Boys fans? Neither did I! Considering she dated Justin Timberlake back in the day, this is obviously shade, right? That was a joke everyone, calm down. I highly doubt Britney is trying to bring back a 90’s boyband feud.
On February 27th Britney brought out AJ for her song ‘Freakshow’ where she has been known to bring out different celebrities and have them walk on a leash as she sings. I feel like this must have been a hell of a show to go to, just a complete 90’s whirlwind of emotions!
Check it out below!

And here is Britney freaking out over it.

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