Kristin Cavallari’s #TBT Will Make You Miss “Laguna Beach”

Regardless of whether you were on Team Kristin or Team LC, I think we can all agree those Laguna Beach times were the good old days, and this #TBT Kristin Cavallari just posted takes us back!

Flipping through#BalancingInHeels is a little trip down memory lane. We were babies! Link in bio #LagunaBeach #HighSchool #TBT

Kristin wants to go and talk all this smack about ‘Laguna Beach‘ but she knows what the people want! No one wants to see a picture of your husband, we want more throwbacks like this, okay?

Apparently Kristin is coming out with a book about balancing her life or something like that, what better way to sell it then to let people know that they will get the scoop on some ‘Laguna Beach’ stuff. I don’t care how long ago that show aired I will watch it whenever it is on. You feel? Two season and that show changed reality television forever.

I may be team LC, but Kristin you were hilarious. Bring back that character you created and you’ll probably have your own show without any issue.

I would just like to add I can’t believe MTV hasn’t done a special with this cast. They need a two hour special with the cast from both season 1 and 2, it would break any record of any show ever aired on MTV.

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