Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Couple Up For Adele Concert

Date night: New squeezes Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom enjoyed a romantic date night at the Adele concert at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Friday evening

Last night Adele performed at The Wiltern in Los Angeles and the stars sure did come out to play. Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence and Wood Harrelson to Robbie Williams and Tom Hanks. This couple stuck out to be though. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. Apparently they have been dating since sometime around the Golden Globes.

The couple have been seen holding hands since then but opted to go for the separate entrance tragedy but cameras caught them leaving together. Just far enough a part where you could think that Orlando was leaving at the same time, but wasn’t with the group. Perfectly staged moment.

It’s been said that these two have been friends for a long time but just recently decided to try dating. If you can remember Orlando was caught up in a maybe weird love triangle with Justin and Selena while Katy had a very on and off relationship with John Mayer.

It looks like we have a new, hot Hollywood couple!

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