Man Crush Monday: Bruno Mars

There is something about Bruno Mars that I just can’t get enough of. Number one he is insanely talented, he can sing, dance, write music, and play multiple instruments, that is pretty awesome. He is also tiny, and adorable. How can you not love a little pocket sized entertainer.

Last night he stole the show at the Super Bowl for me. Everyone was about Beyonce I was all about my man Bruno. He went up there dressed like Run DMC, maybe some Backstreet Boy vibes too, and he slayed it. I didn’t realize how good of a dancer he was until last night.

In my opinion he is one of the few true entertainers left out there. I mean a lot of people can sing, a lot of people can dance, but not many people can mix it all up while singing live. Justin Timberlake is the number one entertainer of our generation, I am sure of that but Bruno is a close second, for males at least.

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