Nelly Covered Thomas Rhett’s ‘Die A Happy Man’

Yes, you read the title correctly, Nelly decided to cover the insanely popular country his ‘Die A Happy Man’ originally sang by Thomas Rhett.

About six months ago or so Nelly said that he was going to be coming out with a country album and I didn’t believe it. Considering growing up Nelly was an insanely popular rapper I couldn’t imagine it. He did have an awesome remix with Florida Georgia Line for ‘Cruise’ but a whole album, that’s a lot. Plus his Tim McGraw song was huge, but again he rapped through most of it.

Honestly, after hearing this song I am still not sure. I think that if I didn’t know him as Hot In Herre Nelly, I think that I would be more accepting. Hearing him actually singing, no rapping at all, it is a lot.

I give this song a C+, I have heard worse but I have heard much better too. It could also be my own bias since I loved him rapping.  I am interested in seeing where this country singing career goes though.

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