Rob Kardashian Posts Meme About Relationship With Blac Chyna

So yesterday it was reported that Rob Kardashian is currently dating Blac Chyna, also known as Kylie’s archenemy. If you aren’t up to speed basically Blac Chyna and Kylie have fought because Kylie is dating Tyga. Tyga is Blac Chyna’s baby daddy so you get it, right?

According to a ton of reports, the Kardashians are all absolutely furious that Rob is dating her. Blac Chyna has dragged their name through the mud all over social media, now she is snuggling up to Rob and of course that rubs the family the wrong way. Kris must be excited though because of the publicity the family is getting.

Rob has been fairly quiet the past year or two, staying away from the media as much as possible. He usually posts a picture on Istagram then immediately deletes it, all of that. Which is strange that he is actually kind of responding to these reports, for the record he has also yet to delete this picture. Maybe they are officially together?

Personally I love this move. Rob Kardashian is the namesake of the Kardashian clan and if Blac Chyna has his child, that would be the funniest thing ever. Of course it is probably all for publicity and Rob low key hates his family, so it makes sense why he would do this.

I personally hope this couple stays together forever and gets married, that is what I hope for.

Blac Chyna Kardashian has a nice ring to it.

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