Meek Mill Donates To Flint Water Crisis

Finally a story about Meek Mill doing something rather than being brought into social media fights or about him being with Nicki Minaj.

As many of you know there is a serious water crisis in Flint, Michigan and it has been happening for about two years now. People are being poisoned and for a long time the government just turned a blind eye. People had acted as though nothing was wrong while there are children dying due to the lead poisoning in the water. While Will Smith is crying about the Oscars there are certain stars actually upset over something that is actually effecting more than an already rich population.

Rapper Meek Mill joined Cher and a few other celebrities to start donating to the cause to help Flint. Meek donated $50,ooo to relief aid and also donated 60,000 bottles of water to the food bank of Eastern Michigan.

At least some celebrities care more about an award.

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