Man Crush Monday: Kevin Hart

I guess I should have called this one, Little Man Crush Monday, since our man of the day Kevin Hart stands at 5’4″. Height doesn’t really matter with this guy though. He is hilarious and can carry a movie on his shoulders! His recent movie ‘Ride Along 2’ took out Star Wars from the top spot at the box office! That is insanity!

Now the question I have, will Kevin Hart get played out? Probably but people will still love his stuff. He is hilarious, his stand up his beyond hilarious.

One thing that I can respect this man for is that he has worked and he worked hard. He had so many little roles (no pun intended), he would be on Chelsea Handler‘s round table, and he really just hustled to get where he is today. He is proof that hard work and determination will get you to where you need to be.

Happy Monday!

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