Is Miley Cyrus Moving In With Liam Hemsworth?

It looks like Miley and Liam are seriously back on according to TMZ! Over the weekend Miley packed up her UHaul and made way down to Malibu to move things into her former fiancee’s Malibu pad. According to their sources it took her about a week to move everything into Liam’s place and that was just the last of her things.

Miley was also spotted wearing her engagement ring again, which can only mean one thing, right? They have to be engaged again, possibly engaged? I really have no idea but I am so excited for these two to get back together.

The two had a very public and messy break up but in multiple interviews Liam said that he and Miley remained close. Of course I personally thought that was just something to say to make himself look good, but maybe it was true. They just needed some time apart to short things out and now they are back together.

Here’s to hoping these two lovebirds can make it work again!

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