Nick Carter Arrested For Drunk Fighting


A wasted Nick Carter and his equally drunk friend got beat up by bar staff at a bar in Florida Wednesday night before getting arrested … with Nick allegedly trying to choke a bouncer … TMZ has learned.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, bar staff told cops Carter and his pal Michael Papayans were HAMMERED when they arrived to the bar before 7 PM.

Bar workers say they REFUSED to serve the guys — and then kicked ’em out when they became angry with the bartenders. That’s when things got violent. (credit)

For the past couple years Nick has been preaching about how he has remained sober and all of that nonsense, looks like he is off the wagon.

According to other reports apparently Nick thought that the bouncers were too rough for him and used the whole “Do you know who I am” line. No Nick, not many people know who you are anymore.Well they probably know, they just don’t care. It isn’t 1999 anymore.

Maybe people were just playing games with his heart though and he didn’t want it that.

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