One Direction Split: Their Hiatus Will Become A ‘Permanent Break’

So it looks like the One Direction hiatus will become a permanent break, that is if you believe US Weekly. I have a feeling that Directioners won’t believe the magazine report though and will instead tweet hateful things to the magazine. These fans are aggressive, don’t let the fact that they are young fool you. You don’t mess with One Direction and they don’t mess with you. I learned that.

The band went on a pre-hiatus group of interviews stating that the media was crazy and that they weren’t breaking up. They were simply taking a break to spend time with family and friends.

They have all been pretty busy though. Harry recently took rights to three song titles, presumably for his solo career. Liam is working with Juicy J, apparently creating Drake like songs, according to Juicy. Then there are Louis and Niall, Niall is busy dating Selena (allegedly) and Louis is going to be a dad, so he will have his hands full.

It will be okay One Direction fans, I promise. You just need to accept it. I am sure that *NSYNC fans had a tough time accepting that they would never get back together too.

I have faith that you will all be able to get through this.

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