The Internet Is Not Happy With Jennifer Lawrence Right Now

jennifer lawrence

After the Golden Globes winners typically have to go around and answer a million questions, which is something that they are used to doing. Obviously Jennifer Lawrence is a seasoned vet when it comes to this, she has won a handful of awards and has had to promote a ton of movies in her career already.

So watch this exchange between Jennifer and a reporter asking her a question.

It is very obvious that this reporters first language was not English, right? There are many reasons why he could have been looking at his phone. I am going to say that he was probably reading the question off of his phone and she called him out about it.

Personally I think it was rude how she acted towards the foreign press. Jen, these are the people who give you all of your awards. You should be a little bit nicer.

He also said “How do you feel yourself for the Oscar night” and she rudely told him that it was Golden Globe night. Well if you listened to his questions you would see he meant in the future, he was talking about in the future.

Considering she is supposed to be America’s sweetheart fumbling over words and falling up steps, she isn’t being very quirky and kind here.

Of course I am still a J.Law fan, I just think she needs to take a step back because she was probably trying to be funny here, but just sounded like an absolute bitch instead.

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