Nicki Minaj & Farrah Abraham Get Into A Twitter Battle

Know what I live for? When Nicki Minaj gets into Twitter fights with people. Want to know why? She holds nothing back and I think it is hilarious. The fact that she got into a fight with ‘Teen Mom‘ star and porn star Farrah Abraham. That is hilarious.

Nicki had to have been just sitting there then decided she had enough of how disrespectful Farrah is to poor Deb. So she needed to call her out on that shit, can’t blame her. Twitter is always disgusted with how she acts when you read the live tweet.

Can you imagine how excited Farrah was that Nicki Minaj mentioned her though? She must have been over the moon to get any attention from someone of Nicki’s caliber.

Also ding bat is going to be my new insult. Get ready, ding bat is going to be the biggest insult of 2016.

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