The Most Anticipated Albums Of 2016 According To Rolling Stone

I agree with Rolling Stone magazine 100% on their list of most anticipated albums. Let’s be real at this point Rihanna’s album will probably never be released. She was supposed to release it on Black Friday then for some reason it was pushed back to another date, which she hasn’t decided on.

I do agree with the whole top ten though, mostly in that order. New music from X-tina is absolutely needed. Her voice is fucking incredible and unfortunately she went through a bit of a rough time so she was kind of a cast off for a little while. It is still Britney vs Christina though, look at that, pinning them right next to each other. I see what you are up to Rolling Stone, you don’t fool me!

Katy Perry, will we have a response to ‘Bad Blood’ ? That is my only question for her.

2016 should be a good year for music, I think we can all agree on that.

What album are you more excited for? I can’t lie I am ready for Zayn Malik‘s album to come out just so we can compare it to One Direction‘s new stuff. I want to see if it is a hit or a flop too, we are all curious, right?

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