Justin Bieber Asked To Leave Mexico’s Tulum Ruin Site

Security yelled at the pop superstar to get off the historical site, but the singer disregarded their demands and continued his ascent, according to the official. Then, the onlooker tells Us, more security personnel appeared and yelled at Bieber, and he finally left the historical site after guards prepared to physically remove him.

Though some reports said that Bieber yanked down his pants during the fracas, the source tells Us it looked as if that part of the incident was unintentional. Bieber did, however, yell back while the officials were screaming at him, the observer tells Us.

Guards promptly escorted the star and his friends off the premises. (credit)

Dear Justin Bieber, I think that it is now too late to say sorry. So many people are going to say that he is just acting like a normal kid, doing stupid things. Then they will say that the media focuses on him because he grew up in the media.

Alright let’s get one thing straight, a normal kid, a normal person wouldn’t continue to climb and then yell back at security. Most would try and push their limits but not continue to do so. At least in my opinion that is what would happen. The media shit? If you continue to post where you are every single second on Instagram, I don’t really feel bad.

Grow up Bieber. I am waiting on this comeback to implode on itself. I am thinking halfway through his world tour he will cancel and go to rehab. Just my thought. Or he will forget the lyrics to a few of his songs and show up late to a few shows, just to upset some fans. Again, that is what I think will happen.

Prove me wrong Beiber.

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