Tom Brady Grants Christmas Wish To 8 Year Old Battling Cancer

“Hi Hailey, Merry Christmas. It’s Tom Brady,” the video said. “I heard you had a special Christmas wish you wanted this year and I’ve got one too. I was hoping you’d be willing to come down here before we leave for New York and I get a chance to meet you. Maybe you can ask your mom and dad if that’s what you can have for Christmas. Hopefully you can make it and I look forward to meeting you.”

Hailey and Brady met Saturday at Gillette Stadium.

To read the whole story check it out here!

Know what always makes me cry? When Make-A-Wish dreams come true. No matter what I cry. It is right up there with dogs welcoming their soldiers home from war, or just soldiers coming home in general. Those three video categories always get to me.

It is always nice to hear positive stories coming from NFL players though. I feel like recently the league has had its fair share of scandal but when players go out of their way to do good, it is always awesome to hear. Really celebrities in general taking time to meet with fans is always nice to hear.

Tom Brady, one of the greatest players to ever play the game took time this weekend to meet with a young fan battling lukemia. According to reports (like the one above) he spent a good amount of time with her, talking with Hailey and her family, giving her a matching hat, and signing her jersey.

So I would just let to wish Hailey a speedy recovery and I don’t blame you or never wanting to wash your jersey again!

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