Music Monday: ‘Red Line Love’ Jenna Lotti

Jenna Lotti

Have you ever heard a voice that is so beautiful it is almost haunting? My lord that is how I felt when I first heard Jenna Lotti‘s voice. Her voice is so original and incredible, I genuinely got chills when I heard it.

Now I have a feeling that eventually we have to hear more from Jenna Lotti, she is absolutely incredible. Apparently she writes her own music too so that is pretty amazing, right? Anyone who can sing and write their own music. I automatically have respect for them.

I posted her video for ‘Red Line Love’ because again it is haunting. The song is so incredible I don’t know how she hasn’t blown up yet. When she does though, remember you heard it here first!

If you know anyone who should be my next #MusicMonday let me know on Twitter or on Facebook.

I had to post ‘Medicine’ too. I think we can all relate to it in some way, the lyrics are beautifully written.

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