Are Justin Bieber And Kourtney Kardashian Dating?

Justin Bieber posted the photo above on his instagram last night and everyone believes that it is Kourtney Kardashian. Know I think put all of that in people’s heads? Kris Jenner. She is probably calling up TMZ as I type this saying that Kourtney and Justin are the hot new couple. Just last week it was rumored that Bieber was dating Kendall, there are just a lot of stories going around.

Anyway I will say this. The woman in this picture is not Kourtney Kardashian. I mean Kourtney has curbes and isn’t as thin as whoever this woman is. No I am not calling Kourtney fat, everyone sit down.

According to TMZ, Justin and Kourtney did hang out on Saturday night, which is all so weird to me. If those two decide to date then Justin will kind of be a father figure to her kids? I mean maybe, I don’t know. I really don’t even want to think about it. Although Kourtney did just leave a man child so maybe she misses babysitting her significant other? There’s a possibility, right?

Kris Jenner must be so happy right now, just praying that it happens so she can sell more stories about her family.

Unless Kourtney dyed her hair blonde overnight, this absolutely isn’t her.

Still though, what if Justin and Kourtney end up together, my brain will explode.

Also considering Justin’s boarderline obsession with Selena it is kind of weird that Kourtney looks like an older version of Selena. Am I reaching? I don’t think so.

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