Ben Affleck Reveals Giant Dragon Tattoo

I would have never pictures Ben Affleck with a giant colorful dragon on his back, but there it is. In all it’s glory there is the dragon tattoo that everyone is now talking about. People were saying it was for the movie, but sources have confirmed that the ink is infact permanent. What in the actual hell is going on?

Listen, I get that Ben is going through some shit, he is going through a divorce, that looks like it is pretty civil, he is probably pretty bummed that the whole nanny story blew up. Maybe this was his way of expressing himself? He just decided to that he was a dragon and needed it tatted on his back to let the world know his true spirit animal.

This tattoo is absolutely hilarious though. What can you buy someone who already has everything but is going through a midlife crisis? But him a weird tattoo that he can never get rid of, well if he did get rid of it then it would hurt really bad.

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