Music Monday: ‘Don’t Go City On Me’ Kane Brown

Just a little disclaimer before I get into this post, if you know any upcoming artists please have them contact me here! I would love for Music Monday to take off!

Now that I got that off of my chest, let’s talk about Kane Brown. My lord this boy has a serious voice. A voice that I could listen to all damn day and never get sick of it. Kane is the real deal, I think that anyone who has heard his lyrics would agree too.

Right now he is starting to blow up a bit due to the song ‘Used To Love You Sober’ and when listening to the lyrics, you can relate to it. Kane is an incredible writer, having that voice just helps. I really can’t say enough good things about this incredibly talented young singer who will soon enough be at the top of the country charts. I posted my favorite song of his, ‘Don’t Go City On Me’, it is so charming and amazing.

I highly recommend you follow him on twitter @KaneBrown and check out his music! He is going to be someone you will want to tell all your friends about so they will thank you for introducing them to his incredible music!

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