Britney Spears Posts Instagram Showing Off Her Insane Body!

Sometimes you just need to remind people that you’re still the queen and that is exactly what B. Spears is doing here! You just need to remind the younger generation that you are still a legend and always will be.

Seriously though, Brit looks absolutely insane in the best way possible, not in the 2007 way. Her body is incredible and apparently she is working on some new songs, which will hopefully be awesome. Her whole ‘Pretty Girls’ song was a hot ass mess, so let’s hope she brings back her sound from the old days. Imagine if she released another hit like ‘Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman’, just do a sequel to that song and you will crush it, I promise! You don’t need any advice though because your band of loyal followers will always be there and for good reason!

Britney you will forever be the queen while everyone else tries to take your thrown.

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