Who Would You Rather? Tom Hardy or Leonardo DiCaprio?

Now I am going to say that I am judging by this one picture because usually I am not about Leo when he isn’t on a red carpet. I am trying to push all of those images of him with his little tiny man bun making me uncomfortable out of my head, alright? So let’s just go off of this one picture where Leo is presentable, down right dapper if I do say so myself.

So let’s get down to it, Tom Hardy or Leonardo DiCaprio?

I am going to have to go with Tom in this one though, I mean Tom Hardy is easily one of the sexiest men on this planet. He is gorgeous. Look at him next to Leo, there is barely a comparison in my eyes.

So the winner is Tom!

Who do you think? Let me know @WilliKilliams or Celebrities Are Tragic!

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