Jenelle Evans Reportedly Quits ‘Teen Mom 2’

Nathan Griffith girlfriend Jessica engaged Jenelle quits Teen Mom 2

Say it ain’t so Jenelle! You are reality television gold, why stop now?! I mean seriously, I get that she is probably mad that Nathan might be engaged but no! I refuse to accept that she wants to leave TM2, let’s be real without her, there will probably be no show what so ever.

Nathan had since been on Twitter to say that he and his girlfriend are not actually engaged but Jenelle has remained pretty firm on her stance that she is no longer going to be a part of the MTV hit show. She has gone on to tweet that she is seriously done with the show and that she is also going to be deleting her app, not sure what that means but it seems serious.

So let me ask you, what do you think about this? Will the show go on? Will the show end? Seriously, what is going to happen because ‘Teen Mom 2’ is by far my guiltiest pleasure and I need that in my life.

Let me know here!

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