Music Monday: ‘Break On Me’ Cover By Zach Steinbach & Kacey Renee

So after listening to this cover I decided to dedicate a whole day to new artists with #MusicMonday on Celebrities Are Tragic, so if you know any local bands, singers, DJs, send them there and let me hear them!

Honestly, this cover is probably one of my favorite covers I have heard in a long time. It is so simple yet so rich with emotion. The harmony between Zach and Kacey is absolutely incredible. Their voices blend so perfectly together and having just an acoustic guitar is a nice touch. Nothing more romantic than someone strumming a guitar with no other instruments needed. Then their little conversation at the end, adorable.

Truthfully I believe that both Zach and Kacey have a real shot when it comes to music. Nothing like having actual talent to make people appreciate music. That kind of raw talent that is missing in a lot of newer music.

So listen to the cover, tell me what you think in the hyperlink above linking you to my Facebook! As far as these two talented singers all of their information is below. Follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook pages, and check out their music pages then you can say that you knew them when, because let’s be real they will inevitably be superstars.

Zach Steinbach’s soundcloud

Zach’s Facebook fan page

Kacey Renee’s fan page

Kacey Renee’s soundcloud

You’re welcome for introducing these two into your life!


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