Amy Schumer Poses Nude And Doesn’t Care What You Think!

Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman. (credit)

Amy Schumer you are a fucking legend for this pictures. This photo is so unapologetically her. Does that make sense? She isn’t sitting up straight, she is sitting there in a comfortable position, this photo doesn’t look touched up. This is simply Amy Schumer sitting in a pair of lace panties, drinking her coffee, wondering when the picture was going to be over. That is how I see it at least.

There have been many times where Amy has spoken about her body image and how most people don’t consider it Hollywood, but it is clear that Amy doesn’t give a shit. If she wants to take a nearly nude picture she is going to. If she wants to drink coffee during it, she will do that as well.

Her caption is pretty perfect too. People are going to say all of those things about her, but she beat you to do it. Is it weird when I read that caption this was the first thing I thought of?

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