Man Crush Monday: Paul Wesley

So everyone has a guilty pleasure show, right? A show that they don’t really want anyone else to know that they not only watch, but they are super into as well? That is how I feel about ‘The Vampire Diaries’ I stopped watching for a little bit, watched one episode and I was sucked right back in. How could I not be? Paul Wesley is just so damn attractive, so is the rest of the cast! All of the men and women on that show are literally gorgeous and I can’t help but watch weekly!

Although Ian Somerhalder has been a Man Crush Monday in the past, I have always liked Paul Wesley a little bit more. He is so broody as Stefan and he is just gorgeous. He basically looks like a manly version of Justin Bieber which is something I fully support.

Paul has been on my radar since he was on ‘The O.C. ‘ all those years ago, for one little episode, but I still thought he was a babe. Now he plays the beautifully broken vampire on ‘Vampire Diaries’ and I can’t get enough. The hair is always styled so perfectly, his smile is great, and his brown eyes are perfect too. All in all I enjoy his looks and his acting ability.

I need to know, Damon or Stefan? Tell me @WilliKilliams!

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