Is Jay Z Behind Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato’s Recent Explosive Success?

Turns out there’s a mastermind behind the explosive success of Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas … his name is Jay Z.
Sources tell us earlier this year, Jay’s company, Roc Nation, quietly merged with Philymack, the management company that handles Demi and Nick.  
We’re told Jay took a keen interest in both singers and started engineering some pivotal career moves in late 2014 … Nick appearing on the cover of Flaunt magazine in his underwear and playing in the Made in America Festival. He also put Demi in Vanity Fair magazine and got her on ‘SNL.’
We’re told Phil McIntyre, who owned Philymack, was supposed to make an announcement of the Roc Nation/Philymack merger months ago, but after Tidal flopped he and Jay decided to put it off.
Short story … Jay’s done a great job rebranding the youngins. (credit)

Well shit okay, I didn’t see this coming but I am happy to know because anything that Jay Z touches turns to gold. Well, everything but Tidal but let’s not talk about that right now.

Apparently Jay Z said that Nick Jonas could be the next Timberlake so it makes sense why he would want to take Nick under his wing. It would make sense why he would want him to have a different type of brand and show everyone that he has the potential to be a sex symbol just like good ol JT. As for Demi? Well her voice is out of this fucking world I just think that she needed to be pushed in the right direction, and clearly Jay knew what he was doing getting her on ‘SNL’.

Fact of the matter is that I am glad that Jay is kind of managing these two because I think that they have the potential to be the biggest young stars out there. Better than Justin and Selena.

Jay, can you ask Demi to break up with Wilmer though? I really think that is killing her vibe a little bit.

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