Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas Have Called It Quits After 5 Months

Oh young love, it happens so quickly and ends even quicker. Good for Gigi Hadid. I am going to assume that she broke up with him. Let’s be real, she is about to walk the run way at the Victoria’s Secret Show and Joe Jonas is eating cake by the ocean so I mean it makes sense.

Gigi is probably going to be a huge model, I mean she is already one of the youngest and hottest models out there, don’t tie yourself down girl. If you are going to, at least date the hot Jonas brother. If you were thinking Kevin, I meant Nick, duh!

Truthfully ever since I found out that Joe asked her out when he was 19 and she was 13, I have had a creepy vibe about him. I mean that is a serious age difference at the time. It is actually pretty gross. Think about it, that’s a freshman in college asking out a freshman in high school. Okay, moving on.

Call me crazy but I really think these two will be just fine.

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