Check Out Jay Z & Kanye West’s Crazy Hotel Demands!

Jay Z’s List:
– Rooms must be 71 degrees.

– There must be three $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles in the room.
– No vacuuming is allowed near his room.
– Staff should not ask for free concert tickets if they want to “avoid embarrassment.”
– Ace of Spades Champagne should be in the room, but he cannot be charged for it since he owns the company.

Kanye West’s List:
– Vases in the room need to be cylindrical.

– The room must have a Genelecs 1031a speaker (which was discontinued a decade ago).
– All floss must be minty.
– There must be Kashi GoLean cereal.
– All towels must be black.
– His list of booze includes 13 bottles, which total $3,200. (credit)

So who is the bigger diva, that is the question, right? I mean is it Kanye or it is Jay? After reading these I am going to have to go with Kanye. I mean he wants 13 bottles of booze and a speaker that literally stopped being made. Apparently the hotels are going to have spend a fucking arm and leg just to get him in the door.

Jay Z is still a diva though, right? He wants three $80 candles and the room must be kept at a solid 71 degrees. He sounds more like an old man though, no vacuuming near his room,gotta sleep like a king.

So, who do you think is the bigger diva? Tell me here, Jay or Ye?

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