The Ladies Of ‘The View’ Say Carly Fiorina Looks ‘Demented’

Michelle Collins said Fiorina “looked demented” when she flashed a grin during the debates after saying she had been told her biggest flaw was she didn’t smile enough. Comedian/co-host Joy Behar quickly jumped on the bandwagon and added, “I wish it was a Halloween mask.” Paula Faris, ABC News correspondent, co-anchor of Good Morning America Weekend and The View co-host tried to temper things by saying “I think ‘demented’ is a strong word,” but was quickly shouted down.
“Man up”
Fiorina announced her forthcoming appearance on Fox News November 2 with a message: “My message to the ladies of The View is ‘Man up’. If you want to debate me on policies … man up and debate me on them. But don’t sink to talking about my face.”

The View is not having the best season of its 18 years on the air. The show had lots of behind the scenes drama with the departure of Rosie O’Donnell earlier this year. And its season premiere ratings were down 22% in households and 47% among women aged 25-54 this year. (credit)

I can’t stand ‘The View’ and I think it is about damn time this show gets taken off the air. Let’s be real, my version of hell is sitting in a doctor’s office with ‘The View’ playing on television. These women are so out of touch it is disgusting, without Barbara they are fucking lost.

The platform that these women have could really be used for good. I know that gossip is fun and everything, I mean that is why I have this blog, but they could do so much with it. They could lift women up instead of tearing them down. Calling someone demented looked is absolutely disgusting. That word is one of the most disgusting words to use when describing anything.

I can’t lie, I am actually extremely happy that their ratings are starting to fall because it is time to end it. After the whole nurses debacle I thought that it was going to be over for good, unfortunately they weren’t cancelled on the spot.

Let me be the first to say I can’t wait to see Carly speak with elegance with these women. Show them what it means to be a strong woman who actually deserves the support of other women because she is trying to make history.

Click here and tell me what you think! Did ‘The View’ go too far?

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