Man Crush Monday: Tristan Wilds

Man Crush Monday this week goes out to none other than Tristan Wilds. Now I have been a big fan of Tristan Wilds for a while now, since before the Adele video! He was on the almost amazing reboot of ‘90210’ and now apparently has a rap career, but I was reminded of his beautiful face with the new video “Hello” by Adele.

I am just glad that this cutie is finally getting the attention that he deserves! On ‘90210’ he was one of the better actors on the show and he was also on the show ‘The Wire’ which as everyone knows was an incredible show. Did I ever watch it? No, I was far too young when it was around but hey, it got a ton of attention! It had to have been doing something right!

Seriously though, Tristan is an absolute babe. His smile is incredible, sexy tattoos, and I really like his speaking voice. Is that a weird thing to say? I would just like to listen to him read the phone book or something like that.

Let me know who you think next weeks Man Crush Monday should be here!

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