Hayden Panettiere Checks Into Treatment Center For Postpartum Depression

Hayden Panettiere Nashville Season 4

People.com reported that the actress “is voluntarily seeking professional help at a treatment center as she is currently battling postpartum depression.

I believe that this is actually a really big step forward for women who have dealt with this issue before. I remember when Brooke Shields mentioned it Tom Cruise went crazy and kind of made it a nonissue, which isn’t fair. Now, Hayden is going through this without a crazy Tom Cruise to talk down about the issue and it is important. This is an actual issue the women, not just celebrity mothers, deal with.

I find it interesting that her character on Nashville is actually going through the exact same thing. It is almost like life intimidating art in a way. Although that is unfair to say, I just find it interesting that it is both going on at the same time.

As far as the filming schedule for the show in concerned the producers have stated that it is a fluid situation but they are working around it. Hopefully they don’t get rid of Juliette completely because last season was a bore without her. I know she needs to focus on herself, but as a viewer I hope they don’t write her out too much.

In other news, hey ABC how about you give Nashville some of the attention it deserves! You have other shows than just your Thursday line up! Yeah I am calling you out ABC!!

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