Man Crush Monday: Chace Crawford

I am oh so happy that Chace is back on television with his new show ‘Blood and Oil’ because I have missed his face. Chace has been my no so lowkey celebrity crush for a long time. Everyone could swoon over Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey but I will take Nate Archibald all day and twice on Sunday.

Chace looks like the love child of Ian Somerhalder and Zac Efron. Just think about it because it is true. I mean he is just perfect looking. I swear he is one of the most underrated hot guys of the past ten years.

Now, Chace may not be the greatest actor in the world but with those blue eyes, that jawline, and his wild eyebrows there is nothing wrong with that! I mean there aren’t many men who can slick their hair back and not look like a total douchebag (looking at you Scott Disick). Plus he has dimples, how fucking adorable is that?\

I am so happy this man got another acting gig so we can see his beautiful face on a weekly basis again.


Willi Killiams

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