Man Crush Monday: Liam Payne

Over the past year or so One Direction fans have hated me because of my article Who Is The Best Looking Member Of One Direction? They have hated my ranking of Zayn the most, but he isn’t a member anymore, so clearly I was right when I said that he hated being in a boy band.

Anyway, over the weekend I was extremely hungover and decided to watch videos of One Direction on Youtube, because what else would a 24 year old do on a hungover morning? I have come to the conclusion that was Liam is my favorite. Niall is a close second, but Liam is damn fine.

I hope that we can all agree that Liam is a babe. He has a jawline that just wont quit, when he rocks stubble my heart speeds up, and his little doe eyes are just adorable. I personally think he is the best singer too. What? Fight me Directioners! Bring it!

Liam you are a babe, thanks for helping me get over my hangover with your gorgeous voice and jawline.

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