One Direction Announces Final Album Name: Made In The AM

Today the guys took to Twitter to let the world know that their final album will be called Made In The AM! Alright now everyone is going to tell me that this isn’t their final album. They are simply taking a break and will be back to make more music. Know who else took a long break but promised to come out with new music? NSYNC, Destiny’s Child, and The Spice Girls. Look how that turned out for those fans.

Directioners I want to just give you some real life advice right now. The group is going to be over. Louis is off to be a dad, Harry is off to be a superstar, and as far as Liam and Niall are going to go. I don’t know. Liam said something about working behind the scenes and Niall, well we don’t know what is in store for that little leprechaun.

So this will be One Directions fourth and final album. No one puts out an album then doesn’t tour after it, no one!

Directions tell me how much you hate me here and also be sure to like my page.

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