Chad Michael Murray to appear on Fox horror comedy Scream Queens!

It was announced last week that Patrick Schwarzenegger will be guest-starring as the youngest Radwell, Thad. So to recap, the Radwell sons are Brad, Chad and Thad. That sounds about right. Even more appropriate? Murray’s Brad Radwell is an agent at Endeavor. 

Scream Queens premieres Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.  (credit)

Whenever someone from One Tree Hill is on another show I get extremely excited because I feel like I know the actors from the show. For the record I met them once, so it is kind of like knowing someone.

Good for Chad though! He always seems to play more serious characters and I am guessing that he will be able to show off his comedy chops with this character! I am actually pretty excited about it, I can’t lie.

Let’s get this straight. This show has Nick Jonas, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Chad Michael Murray, and Oliver Hudson? Yeah I am down to watch this.

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