Reese Witherspoon Looks Incredible On The Cover Of Women’s Health Magazine!


Reese is incredible, let’s be real. She is one of my favorite actresses and she has been for well over a decade, she is just perfect. She embodies everything that I want to be. She is strong, hilarious, and seems like she knows how to have a good time. I mean you don’t hang out with someone like Chelsea Handler and have a bad personality, I am just going to throw that out there.

Here are a few little excerpts from her interview that I absolutely loved. Again I think that Reese is such a powerful woman in Hollywood with a great passion for everything that she does.

On any secrets she hasn’t told about herself: “I am a bit of a hip-hop dancer. That’s sort of a secret a lot of people don’t know. I like to dance. I’ve got a dance in my heart at all times.”

On how things have changed since her first magazine shoot: “I remember when I booked my first cover of a magazine. I was so excited and then I got the magazine cover to show everybody and my eye was blinking and you couldn’t even tell it was me. But it didn’t diminish my excitement. It’s always fun and it’s really nice to collaborate with talented people and get to play with the clothes and the jewelry. I’m very much a girly girl so I enjoy all that stuff.”

On ambition: “How wonderful it would be for our culture not to see ambition as an ugly thing within a woman’s personality! In our society, when we see women who want to succeed or who view themselves as leaders, it’s like ‘How arrogant!’ Well, I think it’s fantastic.”

A few other things I loved while reading her interview was how she brought up the fact her production company Southern Pacific is all about bringing books to life. Alright, books are always better than the movie, but hey that is fine. Most people don’t realize she was one of the producers for “Gone Girl” and that movie was insanely good.

Being an ambitious woman is something that women should strive to be. Whatever you want to be, be a good one, that is one of my favorite sayings of all time.

Reese is going to be around forever and I am beyond excited about that.

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