Tyga Releases Music Video For ‘Stimulated’ Featuring Kylie Jenner

Well the world’s grossest couples continues to be well, gross. Tyga is so excited he can now show off his official of age girlfriend to the world, he decided to feature her in one of his music videos.

This is like the ultimate pervert theme song, I don’t care what anyone says. He decided to release a song and music video about him “penetrating” his then underage girlfriend. The fact that this is socially acceptable because they are both celebrities, I should say “celebrities” is absolutely disgusting.

The fact that even the E! Network, a network that is so far up the Kardashian’s ass they don’t know how to get out, said that the couple took it a bit far says a lot. I don’t think I have ever heard that station say anything wrong about that family, not once not ever.
They say she young, I should’ve waited
She a big girl, dog when she stimulated

One of the best parts is that he also talks about going to Vegas and gambling but Kylie isn’t even old enough to do that. Maybe in a few years you can do that with your child bride Tyga, gotta wait a little longer.

I hope someone writes a love rap about me and refers to me as a bitch some day, that is true romance right there.

Here is the video if you can stomach it.

Some more lyrics just to warn you about what you’re going to hear.

She a big girl, dog
I’m gonna do what the fuck I wanna do when I wanna do
She a big girl, dog
I’m puttin’ in, I’m penetratin’
I’m gettin’ big, I’m stimulated

Might take her home, gon’ and dinner plate it
I don’t heat it up, don’t microwave it

Really though, why does Kris think that this is good for business?

Click here and let me know if you think this couple is weird and if you think the video is gross.

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