Tori Kelly Is The Next Superstar!

When Tori Kelly is out there selling out giant stadiums you remember who told you it was going to happen before anyone else, okay? Celebrities are Tragic called this on September 2nd, 2015. Remember this date because I promise you, Tori Kelly is the next big thing.

For a while I was trying to figure out if she could do more than just sing behind a screen. I know, harsh. She got famous from Youtube and sometimes those performers don’t have stage presence. Well Tori has a ton of presence on stage and she fucking slayed the VMA stage the other night. I mean no other performers even compared to her. I think that I am allowed to say that. Well Demi was up there too, but that is Demi, her voice is bananas too.

Tori Kelly though, let’s talk more about her. Number one she has one of the best voices I have heard in a while. I mean serious so much power, incredible tone, all of it was magical. Number two she is beautiful. Seriously stunning. Number three, I assume she is going to keep on cranking out hit after hit? I do hope she doesn’t rise too fast because that means she could fall. The only person who rose insanely fast and never fell was T.Swift, I don’t want to put that much pressure on my girl Tori though.

Check out her performance and let me know if you agree with me here.

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