Miley Cyrus Asks People About Miley Cyrus

I love Miley Cyrus. I will put that out there, I think that she is hilarious. She actually has a killer voice too, I think that her and Demi have the best voices of all the younger female singers out there. Miley is just more wild than the rest of them, openly wild, that is the better way of putting it.

Last night she hit the streets for I Witness News, one of the best segments that Jimmy Kimmel has put together in my opinion. She went out there all dressed up with a killer Australian accent. I can only imagine that she picked that up while she was with Liam, but she went and asked people about Miley Cyrus. I truly wish that they got more people but I mean, you could recognize her, at least I thought that you could. She literally looks the exact same, I find it hard that only one person recognized her.

She took it like a champ though when people basically said that they hated her whole family and that she wasn’t raised right. All you have to do is be able to laugh at yourself and that is exactly what she did. I love it. You could see she died a little inside when the dad said that he liked Taylor Swift better though, whatever Miley haters gonna hate.

Can’t wait to see her host the VMAs, it is going to be magical!

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