Chad Michael Murray Mourns The Death Of His 15 Year Old Dog Joe

Chad Michael Murray, Instagram

“My best bud & 1st born son Joe, Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. You’ve been my kindred spirit, my unconditional friend, Thank you for carrying the weight that I could not. You taught me more about selflessness and compassion than I thought a dog could know. Thank you for always keeping the status Quo. Even the dogs at the dog park thank you for keeping the peace. Almost 15 years of adventures Joe and I’m so grateful for every minute. Rest easy now bud. Check in on us once and while would ya… You’re missed and always will be. Thx for waiting to meet my son. This family won’t be the same without you but so much stronger because of you. Rest in peace Joey. We Love You, Chad, Sarah & Baby Murray.”

This might seem like a weird post but I read this last night on Instagram and it straight up broke my heart, I cried, whatever. Losing a pet isn’t an easy thing to go through. Being a fan of ‘One Tree Hill’ for the nine years it was on air you knew how close Joe and Chad were. Well for the first six seasons since that was all that Chad was on it for.

Joe was always running around on set, hell he was even in an episode in the fifth season. It was clear that Joe was Chad’s actual buddy, not just a dog he used for show.

Reading the line that he was waiting to meet Chad’s son really got to me. Chad and his wife Sarah had a baby boy earlier this year and Joe was able to meet him if only for a few months.

All I can say his rest in peace Joe, all dogs go to heaven though so there are no worries there.

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