It’s Official Jojo Is Releasing A Tringle Of New Music!

JoJo is officially on her way back to the forefront of our collective musical mind, ready to emerge in the 21st century as a powerhouse pop star, no longer tethered to her shady recording contracts of years past.

And her return will begin with the upcoming release of…a tringle.

What is a tringle, you ask? Well, JoJo anticipated there might be some confusion, so she dutifully posted a definition of the word (courtesy of Urban Dictionary) on Instagram. It’s pretty simple to discern on your own, but, officially, it means “the simultaneous release of three singles.”

And so, JoJo has subtly announced her refusal to reintroduce herself into the mainstream music world slowly by dropping a single here or there and testing the waters. Instead, she’s chosen to hit us full-on in the face with three brand new songs on the same day (August 21).
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Not only is my girl Jojo coming back, she is coming back in a big way! Why release one single and have one big come back song when you can release three on the same day! For the past seven years Jojo has been stuck in a terrible contract but back in December she announced that she was finally free from it! She even signed with Atlantic records to start making new music.

I will say this, if Jojo never had a bad contract and continued to make music, she would be at T.Swift level. Yup! She is a legend! I mean at 12 she could belt, I am excited to see what she can do with her voice now that she is 24. I am sure that she is going to absolutely crush the game.

There haven’t been any hints about her new sound either. Usually there is at least some indication of what sound an artist is going for. Not Jojo. She is just going to release three tracks, and take over the world.

Seriously though, what a move. Not one song, not two, but three all on the same day. August 21st is the big day and I am ready. I have been ready for a long time, last year I even wrote an article (5 reasons Jojo needs a comeback) about it.

So be ready guys, Jojo is back and she is going to run the game, just like she did at the tender age of 12.

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