Man Crush Monday: Big Sean

B-b-b-big Sean boy how big is your?

Big Sean may only be 5’8 but I am into it. I will say that Big Sean is currently one of the biggest names in rap. I think I am right in saying this? I don’t really listen to much new rap but I like Big Sean a lot. I think that he is very smart with his lyrics and I like how he can switch up his flow.

I really do believe that Big Sean will be around for a long time. He just needs to learn to stop dating famous women. Well maybe he could keep doing that, but he needs to stop being so public? I don’t know. I just know that he and Naya crashed and burned, and then he and Ariana Grande did the same thing.

Focus on your music you handsome son of a bitch and good things will come!

Just for your information Big Sean, I am not famous, so you should date me.

Happy Monday!

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