Are Sean Penn & Minka Kelly Hollywood’s Newest Couple?


Sean Penn and Charlize Theron called it quits just 2 weeks ago, and he’s already doing his laundry with another hot chick.

These pics were taken last Tuesday at French Laundry, the uber-fancy/delicious/exclusive restaurant in the Napa Valley. Sean was celebrating Minka Kelly‘s 35th birthday, along with 3 other people.

They were by no means hush hush … people at other tables heard Sean tell the other 3 he and Minka met at a Haiti charity event.

They had a feast to end all, with a chicken with the feet still attached, truffle mac and cheese and a birthday cake. The people at Sean’s table, along with others in the restaurant, serenaded Minka to “Happy Birthday.”

Sean picked up the tab … and it was pricey.

Minka has not mentioned Sean, but after the dinner she Instagrammed, “Birthday festivities off to a pretty magical start.”

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I will never understand the attraction to Sean Penn. Sure he goes around to Haiti and raises money, but I am pretty sure he is a complete asshole. I mean I am pretty sure he beat up Madonna back when they were dating. Just seems like a really nasty guy to be around.

Somehow he has been able to date the hottest women in Hollywood, well Charlize Theron and now maybe Minka Kelly? That makes absolutely no sense! What is happening to this world?! Minka you were dating Derek Jeter, now you are maybe with Sean Penn? Such a strange turn.

On another note, how is Minka Kelly 35? She doesn’t look a day older than 24.

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