Everyone Is Freaking Out Because Rob Kardashian Was Spotting Getting A Burger!

So either last night or over the weekend Rob Kardashian was spotted out at a burger joint for the first sighting in months. As most people who follow celebrity news know Rob has been struggling with weight and allegedly other issues as well. Now, I am not going to post a photo even though there is a chance that by doing so I would bring more traffic to this blog.

Listen, I love to give shit to celebrities, I love to just make fun of stupid things they say or do but weight is something I don’t like to touch. There are many people who struggle with weight issues themselves and I don’t think that picking at that is a good thing to do. Whatever Rob is going through I hope that he finds happiness soon. In my opinion Kris probably doesn’t treat him like the rest of the family, number one he is a male and number two he isn’t currently making her money. The machine that Kris Kardashian is, all she cares about is money. Well allegedly that is all that she cares about.

That is all I have to say! Body shaming isn’t cool for either gender!

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